Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Peachy Keen and Berry Nice!

"Every joy is beyond all others.  The fruit we are eating is always the best fruit of all". 
C.S. Lewis 


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Pondering Zinneas

"It always amazes me to look at the little, wrinkled brown seeds and think of the rainbows in 'em," said Captain Jim.  

"When I ponder on them seeds I don't find it nowise hard to believe that we've got souls that'll live in other worlds.  

You couldn't hardly believe there was life in the tiny things, some no bigger than grains of dust, let alone color and scent, if you hadn't seen the miracle, could you?"

-L.M. Montgomery, Anne's house of Dreams

Monday, July 17, 2017

Clouds do the Darndest things

I didn't have my camera last night but we got caught in a storm while attending an outdoor novena.  When the rain passed, the clouds were filled with the light of the setting sun.  

My son clicked these for me and also commented that they look like those deep space nebulae you see in astronomy books.  We were speechless with wonder. 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

In the Shadow of Your Wings I find Refuge

There is a very distinctive beauty that only presents itself in the deep summer. When you walk out of the glare and heat and noise of a busy summer street and hear the heavy oaken door of the Parish Church thud behind you.  

For me, it's the closest, tangible image I have known of the words of the psalms, "In the shadow of your wings I find refuge".  

A cool, dark church envelopes you in that way.  The silence settles on your whole being, both body and soul.  You feel like you are suddenly in a safe and yet mysterious place.  Which, of course, you are.  

When you can suddenly remember with great clarity that, yes, "all will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of things will be well"

Friday, July 7, 2017

A beautiful Garden walk

This is not my garden. But it could be.  I know it like the back of my hand.  I have pushed strollers here, watched my kids run through its fountains, come here to read books in the English garden, and feed the fish in the Japanese garden.  It is an old friend.



 It is a botanical garden given to our city by a naturalist,  Mr. Henry Shaw, long ago.  It was his own estate to begin with, and has been expanded and carefully, lovingly cared for over the years.  It is just a treasure of a place.  It is filled with peace and purpose.  

There are elderly volunteers with hoes and mulch watching over every rose bush, pond, and fountain.  

I come here when I begin to droop in spirit and think nobody seems to care about striving for excellence anymore.  When the world seems full of shoddiness somehow.  And I always find,  along with me, strolling the walks,  others who seem to walk more slowly and start to notice the beauty.  They lean in close to flowers, they listen to fountain splashing with eyes closed.  It is always quiet, with an occasional school group that skips by in their matching neon shirts on the way to the hedge row maze.  

I can almost hear a collective sigh of contentment  as we all breathe together, unwind, feel the peace.  Yes, it is a treasure.