Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Moments of Tangible Grace

As we entered the season of contemplatives, as the last leaves blew off the trees, as starkness and stillness came.....

.........we performed a play, my high school drama troupe and I....a play about a martyr.  One of my    favorites......Murder in the Cathedral, by T.S. Eliot.


My actors were teens, and I asked a lot of them in choosing this play.  I wasn't sure but had a feeling that they would "get" it and do it justice.  I was not disappointed! 

As with most plays, you wonder long about a week before show time, what you were thinking....will we pull this off?  will they know their lines?  Will the set be ready?  

                  Will the costumes be ready?

And then I just asked God to do justice to His wonderful friend, St. Thomas Becket, and show my kids how amazing he truly was. 

I felt carried along after that and watched a miracle of grace.  They were magnificent - each and every one of them.


The audience was moved by the power of this play performed by young students who "got it".  I was humbled by their wholehearted performance and willingness to go into other realms of the soul and the mind.
I heard the voice of God in their voices, their gestures, their expressions.  It was truly a moment of almost tangible GRACE.  

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