Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!!!

           My all time favorite love poem in honor of the day. 

                                               Jenny Kissed Me

                                     Jenny kissed me when we met,
                                    Jumping from the chair she sat in.
                                    Time, you thief! Who love to get
                                    Sweets in your list, put that in.
                                    Say I'm weary, say I'm sad;
                        Say that health and wealth have missed me
                                  Say I'm growing old, but add
                                                Jenny kissed me!
                                                                        Leigh Hunt


Dancing child's favorite book about the day.  I made the candies from a recipe off the internet.  I felt so techno savvy!  


Chocolates still ruled the day of love here at our house.  Dove truffels ahh bliss!

Happy day of LOVE to all!

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