Tuesday, March 11, 2014

HE'S MADE ME FAST.............

                                           He's made me fast, Jenny!
                                   And when I run, I feel God's pleasure!
                                       Eric Liddell to his sister Jenny :  Chariots of Fire

Active child's basketball team went to regionals last week.  It was very exciting for him to go on a road trip to play and watch basketball two days straight.  They did pretty well against teams from Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.  I just love to watch him run!  Poetry in motion!  This child can do anything with a ball.  He has natural timing, he runs like the wind, and he can see a whole court of players and figure out where to move next.  I find it so fascinating as I am not a sporty person at all.  My only claim to fame was scoring one basket in grade school CYC basketball and only because someone was coming for me and I threw the ball up out of fear!  It was only coincidence that it managed to go through the net. 
So, it really is wonderful to watch this child command the court!  Eric Liddell is so right!  When this child runs, he gives God (and us) so much pleasure!

Best friends since the First Grade - played every sport together 
C.J. and J.P. yo!

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