Friday, March 21, 2014

I love my kids.........

 I have just finished praying the Divine Office with my Creative Child.  I LOVE Creative Child.
 He has recently answered the call of Jesus to serve Him as a priest in our diocese.  I stand amazed!This is the child that could do anything.......he can draw, he can act, he can compose music, he can write poetry, he can make us all laugh! He is a delightfully old soul.  He likes patched elbow sweaters and pipes and sitting by a fire discussing....he channels Tolkien, Yeats, Lewis, and Hans Zimmer!   And he has chosen to follow Christ in the priesthood.  I am scared for him, but I am so proud of him for being able to hear the voice of Jesus so clearly in our tumbled, loud, old world. 
  Creative Child is so full of life.  He reads old dictionaries for pleasure and delights in all the words he finds there.  He reads poetry aloud to me and he is so full of makes me cry how full of understanding he is.  I longed for a child like this!
..........he is an actor that fills me with wonder at his ability to get to the heart of every play immediately with even appropriate does wonder a the idea of the Greek Muses when watching Creative Child act.   He is a gift of the finest mettle!
He is absentminded, messy, he sleeps with books all over the bed, he has a bust of Beethoven,  he watches stars with his telescope, he sings in musicals,  he is a faithful friend and brother. 

He loves bombastic music, he will sing the whole ending of Beethoven's 9th Symphony with me at the top of our lungs,

 and will always write a score for my plays, make my programs, download pictures for me and he always hugs me in the morning and hugs me good night.

This is Creative Child.  I love him so. 

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