Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Band Practice

Preparations have begun for the big CD release party we are going to have for Oldest
Child.  Great sounds are coming from the basement and I am getting so excited.  We have put together some great musicians, who are not only talented but also sweet and thoughtful kids.  I can't wait for June to hear them all meld together into one wonderful sound!  I feel like a Groupie! = )

Also, one more reason I love living in a city.  City basements make band practice pictures look so amazing!  Those rock walls have been the backdrop for many movie scenes: a castle, a dungeon, and now a setting for a city band.  Who knew?  Those wall's creative possibilities should make our property value go up! 
Creative Child has grabbed the camera........so let's meet the band and let's hear it for

Oldest Child tuning up

The incomparable Isaac......wow............he sounds amazing!

The wonderful creative sounds of Nate on rhythm guitar

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