Monday, June 23, 2014

Oh, those kitchy vacation know you love 'em!

Found some of those marvelously kitchy photos taken on our lake vacation.  Why do we take these?  To have fodder for future blackmail?  To amuse friends and future grand-kids one day?  Who knows - but they're worth a chuckle!
You never outgrow that plastic car at the grocery store.

Oldest Child?  He got a job in the shipping industry.

Dad gets jiggy with it - to the embarrassment of Active Child...

...who can be a bit goofy himself.

And speaking of kitchy........ oh my.


I can't believe Fred Flintstone is still around! We are passing him onto our posterity.

"It's so dark in this cave... and I appreciate the attempt to illuminate things... but isn't the flash a little.... much?"

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