Monday, July 28, 2014

Ten On Tuesday........Why I like the City!

Joining up with Carole today at Ten on Tuesday

Why I like visiting (or in my case, LIVING in the heart of a city)

I live in the southern most boundary of an old, Midwest City.  We own a brick, two family flat that we have converted into one big family house.  I love the city in so many ways, but here are just a few reasons.

Sing a song of cities.
If you do,
Cities will sing back 
to you.
They'll sing in subway roars and rumbles,
People laughs, machine loud grumbles.
Sing a song of cities.
If you do,
Cities will sing back 
To you.
-Lee Bennett Hopkins

1. The art lesson with Uncle Mike and the Backyard Art Show

2. The fondest of memories for the South City Parish Picnic with Grandma - nothing can compare

3. Ancient sidewalks - I LOVE them

4. City Parks and Gardens endless hours of FREE summer fun

5. Alleys - sign of city authenticity

6. Ah, the round metal pool, a spraying hose,  running around in the backyard, and Cherry Kool Aid - summer bliss among the neighborhood kids



8, 9, 10. BRICK, BRICK, BRICK - sign of age and permanence

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