Wednesday, October 15, 2014

PHFR Homecoming

Well, it's more like handsome.  This is Dancing Child getting ready for his first homecoming dance. I found it quite fun helping him choose his outfit.  He had definite ideas and I just went with them.  He had a blast at the dance and the outfit was a hit!

Creative Child was home for the week end and I could hear music being composed again and drifting toward the kitchen as I made coffee.    It was a happy little gift for this emptying nest-er mom. 

Oh, the very unique assortment of things you bring home from your Church picnic....especially when they have this crazy little thing called the General Store booth.  A dollar goes a long way and my kids and I have a hay day!! 

Plant Booth Mania!  I won all these plants that I know nothing about!  But it should be fun to find out.....

  I can NEVER leave religious art behind.  I thought this angel had a face that defied anything "cherubic".  I don't like chubby cherubs...and anything that smacks of "precious moments" when it comes to religious artwork.  

I always like to recall that C.S. Lewis pointed out once that if we actually saw an angel of God, we would be so terrified by their shear strength and power we would fall to the ground in awed silence.    

Um, one of my kids just HAD to have this.  I am not sure why.
It's 5:00 pm....ballet, basketball, and drama loom on either side of the dinner hour.  Super dad to the rescue with chile made from whatever is in the cupboard.  Verdict?  Delicious


  1. Handsome boys! And, it's been awhile since I've made chili! Next week! The weather is begging for it! :)