Monday, December 1, 2014

For Today: December begins

Joining up with The Simple Woman's Daybook today.........

Outside my window.........warm, cloudy, like a spring day........then suddenly windy and cold within the space of an hour or two........weird

I am thinking.......peace of soul can be so elusive sometimes.  How does a Mom with lots of kids to worry about find peace? 

I am thankful for my Mom and Dad who are in their 90's.......we hosted them for Thanksgiving and we watched old movies  from my childhood.  Both of them are very frail and don't remember much from today, but when we put on the movies they knew everything and saw themselves as young, and saw us as young.  It was so beautiful to see them get so excited.  It helped me to remember how amazing they were as parents..all the wonderful security they gave us, and the beautiful celebrations we had.  Just so thankful that happened.  

I am wearing an orange shirt and black pants...and a plaid is very cold in our house.

I am creating an Advent altar for my little oratory.

I have gone to Barnes and Noble bookstore today with my husband and kids.  Still love that smell of coffee and books mingling together when you open the door.'s the best!  

I am wondering.....what it would be like to be homeless on a night like this.  What kind of deep sadness and fear that would be.  

I am reading........C.S. Lewis.........always a treat for the soul.  

I am know and love God more this Advent.

I am learning....that too much busy-ness fragments the soul.  Peace comes through routine and daily tasks at home.  

Around the house.......much reading, snuggling under blankets, lots of coffee, conversation, prayer, and rest.

In the kitchen.....turkey, pork stuffing, potatoes, gravy........the works!  Reliving Thanksgiving one more time as all those turkeys were so cheap at the grocery store this week end.

One of my favorite things.............slipping into flannel sheets on a cold night.  

A peek into my day..........


  1. That smell walking in Barnes and Noble is the best! My sister and I love it-- we used to call it "The Happiest Place on Earth" haha :)