Thursday, January 15, 2015

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

The city of Reykjavik in Iceland.  Lovely Daughter and I were dreaming up some future teaching jobs that might be fun and interesting.  We clicked on this and loved it.  Other locations were Barcelona, Spain and Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is fun to map out futures, isn't it?

All three of my college kids got straight A's this semester!  This is not to brag, but only to let out a grand sigh of relief......can you hear it?  I didn't ruin them by home schooling!!!!!!  I have always believed that home schooling was the very best way to go, but this was a very nice assurance from God that all is well.   Bravo Thoughtful Child, Lovely Daughter, and Creative Child!  

Trying to spell Reykjavik......
We finally got it right!  Now, THERE is a spelling bee word, if I ever saw one!  Unless you are Icelandic and are wondering why the bee is so easy.  

{Real-ly Nice}

Dancing Child's glasses got smashed at a Nutcracker rehearsal back in mid December when someone fell on his bag.  He wore his spare pair for awhile and this week we finally were able to bring them to the Optometrist.  He tried to fix them, but he just wasn't satisfied.  Instead of telling us we needed a new pair, he sent us to a friend's glasses shop.  His friend was highly talented at reshaping crazily fractured glasses, he assured us.  Well, we went and the glasses were like new when she was finished.  What an artform! Repairing glasses!  And the icing on the cake was that she told my husband to put away his credit card.  She did it FREE!  REAL-LY NICE!

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