Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Some Lenten Reading from an unlikely source

My first encounter with this book was the voice of its author in an interview on NPR. I was rushing about, late, picking up my husband from work.  I heard this cultured, peaceful, erudite man speaking about, of all things, Cancer.  I was mesmerized, fascinated and intrigued.  It sounds morbid to have read such a book, but it really was not.  I have had a cancer scare in my own life and I found this book strangely comforting.  

 First of all, it is so beautifully and lyrically written.  I haven't encountered such beautiful writing in a long time. Second, it is the springboard for so many other thoughts about man.  His helplessness, his wisdom, his perseverance, His triumphs. It is not a "spiritual" book in itself.  It is not written in an overtly Christian perspective, which strangely makes it more powerful. And it is chock full of good things to think about more deeply during Lent. 

 In this book, I read about doctors who never gave up in the face of the deep sorrow and suffering in their patients and their families.  They did not turn away from the suffering, but stayed with it and fought alongside their patients.  I read about researchers who daily and painstakingly conducted experiments and collected data over long periods of time to only solve one small piece of the puzzle.  The details so carefully watched and sought down to the chromosomal level.  Many times they would hit a dead end and have to start all over again. Dedication.  It made me feel ashamed that I have given up on so many things or did not do them carefully. Sheer Perseverance.

There is also an unlikely socialite who is a massive champion of the cause.  Her parties, her fundraisers, etc helped to fund the research.  She was absolutely fascinating!

This is a book that shows how very small man is. It gives a very fine perspective on  the meaning of humility.  Knowing our right place, our dependence, our need.  That we are hopelessly flawed all the way down to our chromosomes. That we are dust and to dust we shall return.   In such great need of a Savior Who will make all things new, a new heaven and a new earth.....both in our BODIES and our SOULS.  My gratitude for that rebirth was very magnified after I read this book.  

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