Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ten on Tuesday: Ten Things I Did This past week.

Joining up with Carol for Ten on Tuesday.
What Have I been up to this past week.

1.  We built a stage from scratch.

2.  We gathered props and furniture from hither and yon.

3.  We practiced, we set up the lights and the sound.

4.  We had lots of fast food, alas.

5.  We did hair in the style of the 1860's

6.  We sewed and altered tons of costumes. 

7.  We stayed up very late each night.

8.  We painted the stage.

9.  We put on the PLAY:  Little Women of Orchard House.  They clapped, they cheered.  We bowed, we received bouquets of flowers, we thanked one and all who helped us put on this extravaganza of a play.  And then we all went and had  pancakes together at midnight.

10.  We had a cast party late into the evening where we ate and sang and cried that it was all over.  We mourned that the seniors would not be with us next year.  We ate some more.  And we began to think about what we would do NEXT year.


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