Friday, May 8, 2015

Seven Quick Takes: Furniture and Fun

Joining up with Kelly today for Seven Quick Takes.  
It's been an odd week with co ops over, play over,  and only one doing baseball this spring. Lots of time, suddenly.   Nice and slow and easy.  We did do some eventful things sprinkled in there.  And there are signs that the driving around is about to commence once more.  
It was a week of being able to notice things like this.  Sun through stained glass on the stairs.  My house is big and old with cracking plaster, but it has the greatest stained glass.  Gotta love those city houses!

1.  Just when you thought you  put these away in March....a wonderful, new invention called Summer League!  Argghhh!  They talked me into it!  How best to get revenge.....hmmm.....something involving Math. 

2.  Furniture scramble and Hola Spain!  Eldest Child breaks house and brings it all over here to the basement and heads off on an adventure to walk "The Way".  About a 400 mile pilgrimage through the mountains and valleys to St. James of Compostella.  He texted me from Paris that he was enjoying an espresso in a cafe by the Seine. Needless to say,  I am living vicariously through him.  Ah, this child has inherited my wanderlust BIG time.  

3.  Finishing up some school.  Vocabulary done.  Latin almost done. Geography done.  Ancient History almost done.  Alexander the Great is still in India!  But his soldiers are about to mutiny so not long now.  Math......sigh..........never done.
Nothing like a visual!  They look so very ancient don't they?  

4.  Tee shirts for the play came.  They turned out pretty nice.  Love that green.

5.  Going to the symphony tonight!  Hurrah!  I always feel so upper crust when I step into this hall!  So cool.

6.  Next week?  California for Thoughtful Child's graduation from college.  I am speechlessly proud and happy.  He did very well indeed.  He has a job for the summer and a job lined up for the fall.  Good man!!

7.  Off to buy dress pants for my boys for said graduation. 

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