Friday, September 23, 2016

Seven dream Home School Catalogue Covers

When I was a new home schooler around eighteen years ago, I would get these homeschool curriculum catalogues in the mail.  I LOVED home school curriculum catalogues...they brought me to a happy place as I slowly turned the pages to see all the possibilities.  I used to especially enjoy the pictures on the covers.  A lovely dining room with a china cabinet in the background, two well dressed children dutifully doing their school with a plate of cookies on the table and a mom in a great outfit with earrings and matching necklace smiling behind them.  Ahhhh!  Euphoria ensued.
  But as the years went on and I found that home schooling seven children for many years is sometimes a thing of the trenches,  is not for the faint of heart, and most days does not involve anything remotely approaching cookies and earrings,  I began to amuse myself one day.  What would WE put on the front of a home school catalogue?  Hmmmm.  Here are some of our ideas....





Ultimate Physical Science Experiments: Only Requires basic household items.

The Creative Scholarships Issue:  The Duct Tape College Scholarship Prom Dress


Motivating the Unmotivated Teen


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  1. Yes, the trenches is a good description! We have to wait for a wedding before we get any decent photos of everyone.