Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ten On Tuesday: 10 Favorite Movie Dads

Joining up with Carole at Ten on Tuesday

My 10 Favorite Movie Dads
One Favorite REAL Dad!

These are all Dads who were real, made some mistakes, humbly admitted them, and came through for their kids in a big way.  Always amazing qualities in a Dad. 

1. The Dad from "Searching for Bobby Fisher"

2.  Mr. Bennett  (Pride and Prejudice)
Image result for mr. bennet pride and prejudice

3.  Matthew Drayton (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner)
Image result for matthew drayton guess who's coming to dinner

4.  Mr. Galbraith  (Cheaper by the Dozen)

5.  Captain Von Trapp (The Sound of Music)
Image result for captain von trapp sound of music

6.  Atticus Finch (To Kill a Mockingbird)
Image result for atticus finch

7.  Mr. Walton (The Waltons)
Image result for mr walton the waltons

8.  George Bailey (It's A Wonderful Life)
Image result for mr bailey dinner its a wonderful life

9. Gerald O'Hara (Gone With the Wind)
Image result for gerald o'hara

10.  Mr. Weasley (Harry Potter)
Image result for mr. weasley

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