Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ten On Tuesday: A City Mouse House

Joining up with Carole at Ten on Tuesday

Ten Reasons why I Love My City House

1. Ancient Brick, new brick, brick, brick, brick!

2. Glass door knobs.  clothes chutes. phone nooks. 

3.  Radiators 

4.  Sidewalks everywhere.

5. Little nooks and crannies all over the place to read, pray, and hide.

6.  Old doors and stained glass windows made by a city craftsman long ago and far away...probably a German man because we live in an old German section of a city.   

7.  Our house is a converted city two family flat.  So, it has two apartments.  The decorating has been a creative effort.  I have owned two of these in my lifetime and I have to say, they are interesting.  

8.  My Dad's woodworking handiwork everywhere.  He was a true craftsman AND he started doing it all at the age of 68.  I love that!

9.  The hush of rooms, the quiet dark places, the pretty light places, narrow stairwells with high ceilings, big, old, wooden windows. 

10.   A Bedroom in the kitchen.  How many kids can boast of that?

This is our city house

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