Monday, July 13, 2015

Good, Random, Fun: Nature Chides me

Some RANDOM, but GOOD thoughts I had on an impromptu walk the other day, which ended up being FUN!

When laundry piles get all too high, when four, air-conditioned walls close in, when all seems drab on carpet, old chairs, cushions, when nothing seems to fit, when all is dull and one feels old and out of sorts, when dishes pile in sink, when one attempts to dress the drabness of  vague discontent with falsehood of man made gold.
Then, step out of door to truth.  Feel the blast of hot, humid air on skin thick with smells of otherness.  Walk among the giants, the trees, who seem to gently chide, "Oh sweet, insignificant you!  Come among us and we will bring comfort and perspective". 

Know that all that majesty of towering heights came from this:  seeds buried in humble darkness of earth.  

Find blessed patterns in fronds and seeds

Be content! God's in His Heaven, all's right with the world!


  1. These are gorgeous! thank you for linking up and sharing!

  2. Wonderful post! Love you beautiful words + images! Have a beautiful week!

  3. beautiful. I love being out of doors. I don't get out into the big wood very often as we don't live within walking distance so joining your little stroll through the trees was a sweet treat. Hope to see you at tuesday afternoons at a spirit of simplicity.