Monday, July 6, 2015

The Good, The Random, The Fun

The GOOD was a beautiful gem of a poem culled from The Collected Works of Alexander Pope.  This was Creative Child's birthday book. 

 Creative Child discovered the lovely verse quite RANDOMLY as he was leafing through the text. The FUN was that it was an ode to COFFEE.  He chuckled to himself and read it gleefully aloud to his gathered family of coffee connoisseurs....ummm... meaning that we all might love coffee just a little too much, surely enough to write an ode to it if we had the talent of Master Pope.   
Add some BEAUTIFUL cups passed down to me by my most Victorian Mother who also shared our great love of coffee and voila:
The Good, The Random, The Fun: Coffee

Here is the poem for you all to enjoy.  Thank you for writing it, Mr. Pope.  You spoke to our hearts!

As long as Moco's happy Tree shall grow,
While Berries crackle, or while Mills shall go;

While smoking Streams from Silver spouts shall glide,

Or China's Earth receive the sable Tyde;

While Coffee shall to British Nymphs be dear;

While fragrant Steams the bended Head shall cheer;

Or grateful Bitters shall delight the Tast;

So long her Honour, Name, and Praise shall last.

Alexander Pope


  1. Great series. Looks like a lovely cup to enjoy!

  2. What a fun poem! And lovely cups:)

  3. I'll drink {coffee} to that!

  4. wonderful. I do love a good cup of coffee in the morning.