Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday Afternoon: A thought on birthdays

A Birthday Boy is a Birthday Boy no matter how old!

It is a source of great delight to me that birthdays are always special no matter how old you get.  This is Eldest Child.   He has just come home from a two month hike in Spain.  He didn't think we would be doing anything extraordinary on his birthday.  When he came down for breakfast before heading out to work, and saw his special birthday table set with all his favorites, the look on his face was one of sweet and delightful surprise.  "Awww, Mom!"  
He also was tickled that we asked for his favorite meal and his favorite cake for a dinner celebration. 
 I think when people hit their twenties, they are rather lost for a time looking for the nitch that God has been preparing for them.  There are no more built in milestones like high school graduation, or college graduation, or 18 or 21 - the big, important ages to catapult  us forward.      One has to begin to set his or her own goals and strive for optimism and perseverance from within during one's twenties.  It can get lonely and perhaps overwhelming at times in your twenties until you get your adult "sea legs".  Eldest Child is doing an amazing job at navigating and taking the helm of his life.  But as a family, we need to let them know how loved they are and how proud we are of them.  The twenty somethings get forgotten sometimes.  So,  the moral of the story is:  always make a birthday cake for your twenty something son or daughter.  You will feel an indescribable sweetness in your heart seeing how touched they will be.  Those are my thoughts this Tuesday! 
Happy Birthday, Eldest Child!  I am so proud to be  your Mom.


  1. Happy Birthday to your son. Yes, boys will be boys ... no matter the age! Have a lovely week.

  2. I like that idea of always having a cake. Great post and great advice.

  3. awww...that was so sweet. And, of course there must be cake to make the day special no matter what age they are turning. As mothers, we know that they will always be our children.