Thursday, October 15, 2015

{P,H.F,R}: The loveliness of Overkill

{Pretty and Handsome!}
Active Child and friends at the Homecoming Dance.  Yes, there was a coordination memo about the purple!

Fall at last!  It took awhile to get going this year.  But so worth the wait! 

{Happy and Funny}

Our City neighborhood nearing Halloween time. Halloween is a variable smorgasbord of  decorations.  Some are subtle, some are beautiful,

 and some look like the local hardware store had a massive sale in their seasonal department and the home owner just couldn't make up his mind so he has it his front yard.  It's a tradition!  

And it is wonderful.  It shows such great enthusiasm.   It shows commitment to that enthusiasm.  And it is just plain fun to walk or drive around to see what's up this year.  I love the city at this time of year!  It is endlessly entertaining!  And it's the only time that overkill is just right.  


  1. Love the autumn leaves against that beautiful blue sky! And love that last house's decorations! That is really giving it your all!

  2. Oh my, your foliage photos are exquisite! I thoroughly enjoyed scrolling through each one. I love that you snapped one of the leaves along the curb too.
    Everyone needs an over-decorated house in the neighborhood like you!

  3. Great post. - Lovely young couples.
    Gorgeous Fall Foliage
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    Very enjoyable.