Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ten Places I like to Hang Out

1.  The Schoolroom upstairs 

2. At this time of year?  Basketball venues all over town!

3. The living room.  The old green sofa is 21 years old!  And it is still ticking.  Most comfortable place to sit, feed babies, read, discuss, plop and nap ever.

4. The Conference Room where I teach my drama classes.

5.  The kitchen (where the coffee maker is...hmmm what a coincidence).

6.  Uncle Bill's Pancake House.  Best breakfast and people watching in the Midwest!

Image result for uncle bill's pancake house

7.  Barnes and Noble Books...the smell of coffee...the smell of books..the bargain book aisle..sigh.

US largest bookstore Barnes & Noble Inc. reported a declining profit margins during the holiday...

8. The front porch rocking chairs.

9. Browsing Amazon.com (like a kid in a candystore.....hmmm)

 10. The Thrift Store dishes aisle.
Image result for old dishes


  1. I just love Barnes and Noble. A good cup of coffee and a magazine please. Thrift stores are fun too! So many treasures to find.

  2. Every view of your home looks so cozy and inviting I'd want to hang out there. I would also like to hang out in the thrift store dish aisle; I think that pink and white one is my pattern!

  3. I'm glad you hang at B&N. My husband works at the one here in Philadelphia, so I am always happy to hear people supporting the company. :-)

  4. Excellent list and your rocker looks so comfortable! Also, people watching FTW!

  5. Your home looks so organized and the places you hang look like they are full of people you love. That's quite a couch to hold up to all those boys!

  6. Yes! you are the first to day thrift store!!!

  7. That's a fun list. I like hanging out in Barnes and Noble too.