Monday, December 14, 2015

Good, Random, Fun: Nice Week End

Impromptu Crepes on a Saturday afternoon.  Youngest Child ate 10!!!  

The weather here in the city.  It's 70 and the grass is still green.  People are picnic-ing on the lawns.  Weird.  

Oh, and here is a snap of Tony being goofy among the trees and embarrassing the kids.  As he always says: "That's my job!"  We thought this picture would be a good CD cover if someday he has a midlife crisis and decides to start a "meaningful" rock band.  He looks very....well....meaningful.  

Dancing Child at the Art Museum with his dance studio performing ACT II of the Nutcracker.  This kid can DANCE!!!!  I love to watch him - a thing of joy.


  1. He looks amazing! What form!
    The crepes look amazing!

  2. For some reason, we call crepes pancakes in South Africa... Very confusing. The weather is VERY worrying. Your son has a real talent!

  3. It is a thing of joy to watch your child excel in something he loves. For us it is jazz band. Does your son want to pursue a career in dance?

  4. 10 pancakes please they look so.... well moreish?!!! They were saying in the UK since Billy Elliot they have more applications to somewhere maybe RADA from boys to do ballet rather than girls these days! Nutcracker at Christmas is always fabulous!
    Wren x

  5. Sounds like your 10yo is on the verge of a growth spurt!