Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ten On Tuesday: Anticipation

Joining up with Carole today

My Ten Favorite Things about the Season

1.  Lighting the Advent Wreath and singing Advent Hymns.  Each one is more beautiful than the next and the window of time to sing them is so short.

2.  Feast of St. Nicholas.  Candlelit morning, pancakes, table laden with candy.  It never gets old, even when you're not a kid anymore.

3.  Getting out the holiday mugs a little at a time.

4.  The annual Messiah at the Symphony.  Heaven!

5.  Getting to know the mailman better and sharing a laugh.  Also getting REAL mail with paper and stamps...not cyber mail.  It's still very lovely to check a mailbox for Christmas cards.

6.  Candlelight everywhere.  Tis the Season.

7.  Reading wonderful books full of beauty.

8.  Shopping excursions to lovely little nooks and crannies.

9.  Homemade Cafe Mochas.

10.  Everyone comes home again!!


  1. Your book collection is fantastic and your list is wonderful!

  2. I enjoy sending and receiving Christmas cards from friends and family. I forgot how much I love Advent Calendars, too!

  3. Everyone coming home is the best! And you have a Penzey's store near by! I order from the catalog often, and swear that some day I'll visit one of their stores. I bet it smells wonderful!