Monday, January 25, 2016

Good, Random, Fun: Home At Last

Twenty four hours stranded in the snow on the Pennsylvania turnpike, Mass said on top of a snow altar built by loving hands, Mass said on the bus, down to their last junk food snacks, saved just in time by the National Guard who brought sandwiches, sheltered by the Red Cross in a  Bedford PA high school with pizza and mac and cheese to renew their energy, another beautiful Mass con-celebrated by three energetic and devout young priests,

  back on the bus in the morning, re routed to a highway with gorgeous scenery

 that made them all spontaneously break into song with "God Bless America", and home at last - still smiling, still singing, and ready for bed!
Not bad for Youngest Child's first time on the National Pro-Life Trip to Washington D.C. 
Displaying 20160124_080358.jpg
Displaying 20160124_080358.jpg
When I was cleaning, I unearthed these pretty little birds made in Guatemala.  They were given to me for Eldest Child's birthday when he was new born.  They flew quite happily above his bassinet and then hung on his wall for ages.  Brought back some lovely memories.

A January walk in the woods with Tony and Eldest Child.  Good to get out in the fresh air after a week or two inside working on the play.  I love a Missouri woods in January! 


  1. A mother's heart! Love your random! And that walk looks lovely!

  2. I love that they broke into song!

  3. stranded in the snow...yikes! Glad it had a happy ending and lots of happy moments despite the situation

  4. So happy to hear they are finally home safe! I hope our National Guard treated them well, even if our turnpike didn't. :-) I saw the picture of the snow altar on Fr. Z - awesome!

  5. Hi, glad you were okay too. Great pictures. Thank you for supporting such an important cause too.