Wednesday, February 17, 2016

PHFR: The Very REAL power of art

I took down a book today from the many on my bookshelf.  I inherited this book from my parents when they moved from their big house to a smaller one.  My Dad got it somewhere long ago and probably had forgotten he had it. It was at the bottom of a box and when I first cracked it open a year ago, it struck me how powerful art can be.  The author and illustrator created a Stations of the Cross using only Jesus's hands and feet and the hands and feet of others.  In these simple drawings is held a sorrow and a pathos that move one to silence.  Somewhere and long ago an artist was inspired to draw what he "saw" as the heart and mind of God and to bring it to us.

Jesus receives His cross

Jesus Meets his Blessed Mother

Simon of Cyrene helps carry the cross of Jesus

Veronica wipes the face of Jesus

Jesus falls the second time

Jesus blesses the Holy Women

Jesus falls the third time

Jesus is stripped of His garments

Jesus is nailed to the cross

Jesus dies on the cross

Jesus is taken down from the cross

Jesus is placed in the tomb


  1. Wow. I love these. They are such heartbreaking renditions of the Way of the Cross.

  2. beautiful artwork - very powerful