Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Ten on Tuesday: The latest Favorites!

 Ten Favorite, Pretty, Fun, Happy,and Real  Things

1.  My Sackroots purse.  Big, bright, full of useful compartments and zippers.  Its grand!

2.  My Sackroots wallet.  Small (which I like) , but once again useful and organized.  I can't get enough of the sackroot patterns.  Must be the hippy lady in me. Oh, and these shoes.  One of my boys calls them my "groovy shoes". 

3.  This particularly wonderful collection of Mozart's chamber music.  He takes me to such lovely places when I sit and listen in the big chair by the living room window.  Pure sweetness.

4.  My crocheted heart.  It keeps me connected to all the places I have lived...as a girl, as a teen, as student as a young mom, as an older mom....as a mom who is starting to gather memories.  I have had this heart ever since my sister made it long ago for me.  

5.  My Chinese jewelry boxes.  Once again, secret compartments, clever drawers and doors, and beautiful polished outsides.  Definitely favorites because I feel exotic when I open them.

6. My catch all basket that I found at one of the California Missions in Ventura.  It reminds me of a beautiful day driving around with my oldest son seeing the sites.  The mission was full of God's peace and beauty and the basket was made by a wonderful Mexican woman with dark brown, happy eyes. 

7.  My water bottle.  I know, crazy right?  But it's just so BLUE!  A favorite.

8.  This particular kind of ballpoint pen.  It feels so good in my hand up against paper.  I don't much care for gel pens, but I do like ballpoints.  I like this style and it comes in purple and green too!

9.  My older sister's gift to me: a handmade box of coasters. The colors are fabulous, and umm, I have never used them as coasters!

10.  But my most favorite right now are these guys.  They make life exciting!  



  1. I love that pen - I have it in purple and it is my favorite these days. What a pretty purse. Such great colors.

  2. Purple Pentel pen lovers unite!!! =) Have a good week, Donna!!

  3. Great list, I love that heart! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. I understand why your crocheted heart would be a long-term favorite; it's beautiful. I can also see why the guys in #10 are your most favorite!

  5. What a fun list! I love the crocheted heart, it's gorgeous.

  6. yes, without number 10 all the other things would be meaningless! all these things are SO colourful! i can feel the joy they bring!