Thursday, April 14, 2016

P,H,F,R: April showers

Rain showers with low rolling thunder.  Not so great for the pick up game in the alley, 

but amazing for anything growing out there.  The tulips are still awaited,

 but the little bushes that haven't done much growing in the past year have suddenly decided it was time.  Hurrah!  The potting soil smells terrific, and I am ready for full blown spring. 

A day at the Home School Conference.  Picked up some assurance that there are still a great many people who have chosen to home school.  And the speakers were terrific...I went to listen to Susan Wise Bauer, who was refreshingly honest and who is also a very articulate and intelligent speaker. I love people who have that gift!  She writes a wonderful set of history books for children that are a simple delight....The Story of the World.  I picked up some old favorites in the curriculum room - the Home Schooler's pot of gold where all the venders set up their wares! 

 I will be using some brand new things with one of my of those "teaching an old dog new tricks" kind of things for me as he is the kind of learner I haven't had yet.  We have been schooling now for twenty years.  When I put it that way, I need a nap.  

 .  That long?! It certainly has been a ride for us - bumpy and smooth.  But I would do it again in a heartbeat.  It's a good thing, home schooling......not for the faint of heart, for sure, but a good, good thing.  

At rehearsal yesterday, the young lady who will be playing the part of Emma in our upcoming play of ..."Emma" turned sixteen.  Her mom sent in these terrific 16 balloons and donuts to eat.  This was the closest picture I could get of the 1 and the 6.  So cute!

The birds are back in town!  I love that early morning chatter outside the window where the sparrows gossip in the bushes.  And there is the Cardinal call that I wait for all winter long. 



  1. So cool that you could hear Susan Wise Bauer speak...I've heard her on a podcast and loved hearing her share her wisdom and experience.

  2. Hearing the birds chirping when I wake up gives my heart a little flutter!
    Reading your thoughts on homeschooling got me excited to begin this journey now that I'm on the teaching end of it!

  3. mixed feelings about the birds- love them and how they herald a new season; totally resent how their noise wakes me up!!!!

  4. I love birdsong in the morning (and any other time of the day really). Spring is such an. Exciting time!

  5. I like the name of your blog! We visited the 'real' Hobbiton in New Zealand in February. Well, where the movie was mostly filmed.

    1. And did you see Bilbo's door? Ah, me. That would be a grand sight!

  6. Good luck on a new school year. IT looks exciting.