Thursday, May 12, 2016

After the Rain

Looking out my window while starting dinner last evening I was greeted with the most emerald green world outside.  We had thunderstorms all day and there was a break in the clouds for a bit.  

  It struck me that rain washes away something dull and dingy from the physical world and makes it shiny like this.  The greens after a rain are so much greener. 

 It gave me a bit more insight into the power of suffering in the spiritual world.  How suffering also rubs away the dullness and dinginess of our lower selves and leaves us shining like "sparks in stubble". 

 The world may grow dark, the inner thunder may boom, but then comes the break in the "clouds" 

and we discover the surprise that God's Love has forgiven, transformed, and most shocking of all.....delights in us!   


  1. Beautiful insights and sights! Yes, nothing like a garden/ nature after the rain!

  2. I am loving all the green around lately. It's such a surprise to see it after months of nothing!

  3. Great post! I think your insights are very true. How great that God tells us these truths about the world! Your photos are great and I have to agree that a rain makes the world a lot fresher and brighter.

  4. Beautiful. The green is a welcome sight this time of year.

  5. Lovely! Your reflections reminded me of Chesterton's words:
    'But the scheme of rain in itself is one of an enormous purification. It realises the dream of some insane hygienist: it scrubs the sky.
    Its giant brooms and mops seem to reach the starry rafters and Starless corners of the cosmos; it is a cosmic spring cleaning.
    While it decreases light, yet it doubles it. If it dims the sky, it brightens the earth.'

  6. I love a good summer rain for all the reasons you stated.