Sunday, May 8, 2016

Good, Random, Fun on Mother's Day

Tremendous sunset keeping us company as we drove on the highway last evening.  Just a reminder that we live on this floating rock in space that orbits around an explosive ball of fire and energy.  Puts so many things in perspective!

Mother's day gifts.  So fun.  My Sanita clogs which I love so much also come in a sandal for the summer...these were the kids' gift to me.  Oh so comfy!!

Earrings for the Cardinal's Games!

A beautiful Icon from my husband in honor of my favorite feast day!!

Mother's Day Breakfast from the "gang".

Last concert of the season.  We heard "The Planets" by Holst.  AMAZING!!!!!!  If you ever wonder where John Williams got his inspiration for Star Wars, this is it!  Caught some moments of the musicians warming up.  Buying the cheapest seats has its perks.  You get to sit in the front row!  You don't have a full view of the whole orchestra but you get to know the musicians in your "section" view. I love to watch how they all react to the music as they play.  There is nothing like the energy of an orchestra and conductor striving mightily together through a beautiful piece of music.  


  1. Amazing sunset! Looks like you were thoroughly spoiled! Have a beautiful week!

  2. What a stunning sky! The concert sounds lovely.

  3. You had some wonderful mother's day moments. Cute sandals too.

  4. so much good and fun in this post! Happy Mother's Day to you