Thursday, June 2, 2016

P,H,F,R: After the Lightning Bolt

Last week, quite randomly, we had an early morning thunderstorm.  A bolt of lightning hit very close to the house with a ferocious BOOM!  The circuit breaker to the upstairs lights was tripped by it as well as our computer internet is completely fried!  Crazy stuff!  But, now things are a bit more back to normal.  I am blogging on the laptop which is a bit challenging for my Medieval mind.  But here goes.............

This amazing sunset came to the attention of almost everyone in our house simultaneously.

  Youngest Child ran out on the upstairs porch at the same time I ran out on the porch beneath him. We all gave a collective WOW.   It truly was a beautiful sight.  It made everything glow in an other worldly way. 

A Mom and her boys.  My brother and Sister-in-law's last son graduated from high school this past week end.  We had a lot of fun and ended up getting burgers and shakes to celebrate the ending of an era!  My brother, who is a Theology teacher and soccer coach at the school, always has the unique privilege of giving his sons their diplomas.  It always makes me tear up a bit.  Such a beautiful custom.  So is the custom of  all these wonderful boys in white tuxedos celebrating each other's successes and achievements.  We went to his two older brothers graduations as well and it never gets old!  We just do.




My crazy students at another graduation.  This is a small school and this class was mostly boys.  Each one is funnier and more endearing than the next.  I shall miss them very much. 


Moon flowers.  That's what I call them.  I had no intention of getting these plants when I went to get my flowers for the summer.  But I saw all these wonderful, crazy colors and shapes and said, Why not?  My porch is shady as well, so it works.  Our Lady is surrounded by the most unique color of yellow.  I think she likes them! 


  1. For me this was like a peek at a season to oldest (that isn't special needs) is 12 almost 13. It's hard to believe I am just 4 years away from our first graduation.

  2. ahhh, high school! i was so glad when it was over :)