Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer Bucket List

Joining up with Carole Today: 

Ten Things on my Summer Bucket List

1. Sit on my front porch with a book and some sweet tea and think about things slowly.
2.  Hike in a new place that is not an easy level.
3.  Have lunch with my lovely daughter at a patio restaurant and then go window shopping.  I don't seem to do that anymore.  I miss it.
4.  Have an outdoor picnic before our local Shakespeare festival. 
5.  Rearrange the upstairs schoolroom to make it feel different and fresh for next fall.
6.  Eat lots of watermelon and barbequed pork steaks.
7.  Visit the Japanese gardens in my home town.
8.  Take a Sunday drive to one historic, little Missouri town that I've never been to before.
9.  Make homemade Margaritas and sit on the back porch with my kids and visit.
10.  Have a gathering of all my former students to see how college is going for them all. 


  1. I have plans for #10 with some of my former students, too!

  2. Such a fun list! Hope you get to do each and every one of them! (And more!) <3

  3. This is a great list! Especially #6! Mmmmm, yes!

  4. Those are some fun sounding plans on your list. I'll skip the watermelon #6 and substitute Strawberries in place.