Monday, June 6, 2016

Ten on Tuesday: Curiouser and Curiouser

Joining up with Carole today:

Ten Things I am curious about:

1. What the earth would look like without water

2.  What the fish look like in the darkest part of the ocean
Image result for ocean dark floor fish

3.  How Chromosomes work.  Fascinating stuff!
4.  What it feels like to sing a song on a Broadway Stage
5.  How people kept hope alive in scary, desperate situations like the holocaust, the Blitz in England etc. 

Corrie TenBoom and her sisters!

6.  How something as light as a donut can be fattening. 

7.  What musical composers like Beethoven heard in their head most of the time.

8.  What it would feel like to get a major award: 
 A Tony, a Pulitzer, An Oscar. 
Image result for Tony award 

9.  How it would feel to make it to the top of the highest mountain on earth.

10.  To actually experience seeing the earth from the moon.

Image result for earth from moon


  1. Wow! This is a great list and, apparently - great minds think alike! Books as inspiration in all things :) And, #6 really - can someone figure this out STAT?!

  2. I often think that if we had just a bit of the bravery, hope, and fortitude that many people exhibited during WWII we might be better equipped to handle our current-day problems. Interesting list!

  3. Wonderful list! My girls wanted to know what dolpihin poo looked liked a few days ago!