Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Amazing storm clouds

 Unlike my Dad and one of my heat loving sons, I am a very reluctant summer lover!  Summer humidity seems to wilt my spirit and I have thanked God  for the inventor of air conditioning quite frequently. As my oldest child (the heat lover) can attest, I can sit in front of a window unit air conditioner quite comfortably while everyone else is huddled in blankets as their lips turn blue.   
But my summer love perks up when I hear thunder in the distance.  There is NOTHING like an approaching Midwest Summer Thunderstorm. 
That feeling of utter terror mingled with the tingle of delight is the closest I can come to describing it.  This particular storm rolled in slowly and left us speechless.  It gave me a vivid image of how it must have been for the Israelites to be led by a Pillar of Cloud.  Midwest Thunderstorms leave you feeling very, very small and sometimes that is a good place to find yourself in.  I snapped the first few pics and when the thunder started I retreated and Creative Child ran out with abandon and took the rest.

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  1. I'm African so I need warmth... I do love a good storm too! (something we are really in need of in Southern Africa)