Monday, July 25, 2016

Good, Random, Fun: Check!

With family from out of town we decided to try something new and different.  We ventured forth into one of the loveliest parts of our city to visit The World Chess Hall of Fame.  Boring, you might ask?  No way!  It was fascinating!!  There were amazing chess sets with all kinds of themes:  Camelot, World War II, one made entirely of screws, nails, washers, and recycled materials.
The museum boasts of the largest chess piece in the world, and you can play live chess (where you are the players) out in front of the building. 

On the third floor is a lovely display called Castles and Kings.  It has the feel of an Alice In Wonderland story.  All throughout the display there are banners that tell you about the game and how the pieces move. 

You can dress up like a king or queen, sit on thrones, build a castle wall, play chess on a walkable board, create yourself a crown, and play chess in the "garden".  There were stories about all the great chess masters throughout the years which was fascinating.  There was even an art collection where the artist visibly created the winning chess move for several important and historic games. 

Some game advice from the tower

Hobnobbing with the Bishop!!!!


  1. Oh, such fun! (The big dog is Bella- she is still a pup- we got her last december as a rescue... She is Jamie's dog.)

  2. That looks great! My long suffering husband has tried to teach me to play chess but I can't even remember the names of the pieces. Pretty pathetic when I think that my children knew more than me when they were just out of the toddler stage.