Thursday, January 26, 2017

Christmas Recap....a little late

Technically, I have until February 2 until the Christmas season ends for us. So, technically I can squeeze this post in about our goings on during the happy season.   The decorations are safely stored away for another year except for a stray wreath bag here and there waiting to go downstairs.  Everyone has come and gone from college.  But we were together for three weeks - every single one of us was home.  
We had a great time drinking wine, indulging in
 morning coffee and  conversation, playing long, long games of Monopoly, Catan and epic scrabble.  The gifts were thoughtful and sweet this year.  

We rang in the New Year and we literally went over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house to visit my mom and sister and share some Christmas cheer with them. Godmothers got to see godsons and god-daughters, friends got to see friends and it was very good all in all.   All is quiet again.  We've started up the Ordinary Time routine which is also good. And I still have a month to get those wreaths downstairs before Lent is upon us. 

Arrival Day coffee at Kaldis!!

The traditional Christmas Kulich bread.

My sister and the gang being entertained by my mom!

Godmother and God-daughter catch up.

Creative Child got his Christmas wish.  A dusting of beautiful snow!

Happy Birthday New Years Eve, Thoughtful Child!

Happy New Year!

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