Monday, January 30, 2017

Good, Random, Fun: Late Winter

Winter walks.  I guess I am one of the weird ones who prefer trees without leaves.  They look like lace up against that pearly gray sky.  The geese and I have kept good company in the early morning.  Winter walks are full of  unique things: the smell of the air is just a little bolder, the greens are greener in contrast to the grayness, and the Holly bushes seem so bright and front forward with their bright scarlet berries.

Random and Fun

Thoughtful Child uses his Christmas present.  The Veggetti Pro.  It's pretty fun to watch.  I felt like I was filming an info-mercial for the Cooking Channel.  He made something with zucchinni and garlic and olive oil that smelled and tasted amazing.  It has been fun watching him try to eat a menu without meat. 

 But I draw the line at Kambucha.  This has been growing in a jar in his room for awhile and is now "ready" to...........DRINK. 

 Who ever thought, when they looked at this,  "Oh, let's drink it now!"
But so many people swear by it.  Maybe one day I'll try it.....or maybe not.  

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  1. I love zoodles!! I also love kombucha but won't try making my own!