Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My glass shall not persuade me that I am old..........

Creative Child and I found some old photos of my Dad at my sister's house recently.  When Active Child saw this one, he pronounced him 'THE MAN".  I myself think he could have been the low talking detective in a film noir!

It got me thinking about all those little old people who show up faithfully for Holy Mass every morning.  What is their story? Some of them surely fought in a war, danced with a sweetheart,

 maybe wrote poetry, read some amazing books, started a business, had a bunch of kids, witnessed first hand a lot of the things we read about in history books.  

 My own Dad was one of the first M.D. Anesthesiologists.  He told stories of doing surgeries as a resident with ether and a rag in a New York City hospital.  

 I have also thought that St. John Paul II might have lived so long so that we might see that whole dignified story of human life played out for us.  We witnessed his vigor and lively good looks as he traveled the world in his younger pontificate, 

and we watched him get older and older until he was very stooped and sickly, but still faithfully doing his duty.  It was like telling the elderly of the world everywhere that they mattered and that their part in the providence of God was not over.  That their prayers for the Church  and their sufferings were vital to the Body of Christ.  I think that was St. John Paul's most powerful witness of all.  

All lives are precious.  From the unborn, to the newborn, to the interesting old person sitting next to us in the pew.  Who knows?
We might even meet a former film noir star.  Or simply "THE MAN". 


  1. this is so beautiful Denise! yes, all lives are valuable. it is so important we recognise other humans around us.

  2. So lovely to read all about this! Thanks for linking up!

  3. That was interesting and insightful.