Saturday, February 11, 2017

Seven Quick Takes

1.  Jury Duty has its perks.  A St. Louis Skyline right outside the 5th floor window of the Courts Building.  

2.  TRES LECHES CAKE!  A birthday treat of gooey deliciousness for ME.

3.  Celebrating a promotion at work.  So proud of this kid o mine!

4.  One book completed.  Powerful, heartbreaking, story.  It managed to send many thoughts stirring in my head on the meaning of "dying for Chirst" and the nature of REAL humility.  

5.  One book begun.  A lovely biography by a master biographer.  The story of a group of different 1830's Americans abroad in Paris.  Painters, medical students, poets, educators and writers and their impressions of the "Old World".  It is a fascinating look at the importance of travel to get a better perspective on your own country.

6.  State Championships week end for our basketball organization.  Fun!

Oh, guys and their basketball styles.  It's a real art form I am discovering..... 

7.  A 14 year old philosophizing about his Mountain Dew.  "Life should be tasty.  Not filled with brown rice...and squash. 

1 comment:

  1. Love those basketball styles! Have a beautiful Sunday!