Sunday, March 19, 2017

Beauty is a Language of its own

My son David recently went on an adventure to Kenya.  He spent some time with some Massai tribesmen who were his guides on one of the animal reserves he visited.  

Their village was located there and their wives make these beautiful necklaces.  David brought one back for me.  I treasure it.

  I treasure it because it reminds me that somewhere there is a Kenyan woman, wife and mother, in her own part of the world going through her day of cooking, working, and taking care of her children.  We come from different cultures, we don't speak the same language. But I know a "piece" of her through the beauty of her handiwork.     I can feel, wear with joy, and delight in this piece of loveliness she has created.

It strikes me anew that Beauty is a kind of language through which we communicate, sometimes without words, the intimate soul within.  Be it a painting, the clothes we wear, music, or...... a finely crafted necklace. 

Oh, what must God be, if we mere humans can share such beauty with each other across the world.  
Praise Him.  

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  1. The necklace is so beautiful! Your son must have had such an experience!