Friday, March 24, 2017

One....Quick Take

I used to think it was such pathetic stuff when the Israelites were crabbing to Moses about no more leeks, cucumbers, and melons after they had crossed the Red Sea.  They had just witnessed a pillar of fire, a World Power's army completely drowned before their eyes, a pillar of cloud, and the parting of a sea.  And they were worried about CUCUMBERS?    

But we have One "greater than Moses" here with us offering the miracles of grace through all the Sacraments He bought with His blood.  And I find myself thinking way too much about the COFFEE I gave up for Lent.  
Ah, we humans.  Such silly little nothings loved so dearly by the Almighty God of everything.
What DOES He see in us pathetic little cucumber lovers?  Have you ever wondered?

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