Sunday, May 28, 2017


Tony gave me a Kindle for my Mother's Day present.  I find it quite lovely!  Being an adamant book lover and the consummate yellow highlighter queen, I felt vaguely treacherous owning such a techno "book".  

 But then I discovered that I can put the whole Bible and the Liturgy of the Hours on it and bring it along with me in my purse.  

Plus, any device that gives me Sonnet 130 at my fingertips must necessarily be a great use of technology!  

There were also many cover choices which, I freely admit, reeled me right in as I am unabashedly all about the accessories!

I will NEVER stop loving my REAL books..holding them, smelling them, highlighting them...but this is a lovely use for technology, I think.  


  1. Yes, and pastors put their computer or Ipad on the pulpit:):) Love the cover of your Kindle! Great to share with All Seasons! Have a discovery week with the Kindle!

  2. it is all about the accessories... have a beautiful week.

  3. That's a unique and fitting cover. If you have bad eyes like I do you love the light of a Kindle or Kindle app to read.

  4. Indeed great literature at your fingertips.
    If I try to read something in digital from, I don't remember/learn anything. :) So I don't think I will ever have an E-reader, but yours does look lovely.

  5. I love the cover you chose for your Kindle. It's fantastic. (And I agree about loving books.)