Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Man like us in all things but sin....

Today I was thinking about how Jesus must have been so lonely at times. Profoundly so in the garden before his Passion. But also in the smaller ways we might daily feel ourselves. Lonely in a crowd. And because "His way is to take men's ways.." He probably felt loneliness "to perfection" in his human nature. He is so one with us and yet so other. His intellect so quick and refined having to daily and patiently explain things slowly to his disciples, His exquisite love of beauty and order having to live among a rag tag group of fishermen with coarse language and habits and still in truth and goodness call them His friends. Being the Creator and the Human. Knowing fully His creation and how the whole thing fits together, and how salvation was to unfold...and having to listen to the scribes and Pharisees read it all wrong and challenge him at every step. He must have sighed a lot. Yes, profound loneliness. It is good to remember this when we feel lost in a crowd, when we have no one to talk to about poetry, philosophy, or music. When we sometimes feel like we are at an outpost far from the true, the good, and the beautiful. He knows this well. Far better than we do. Knowing that He fully understands this makes human loneliness...less lonely because we share it with the God made Man.


  1. And I think when we try to imitate Christ by way of calling rag tag groups of people our friends we sometimes experience rejection for doing so. I have experienced this type of rejection and have felt the loneliness it can bring, also the exhaustion of trying to explain the answers to the challenging questions. There is a comfort though in what you said in your last sentence. Thank you for your insight and for sharing +++