Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Changes in the wind..........

                Oldest child begins to seek his fortune as a musician. 

Thoughtful child returns to his third year of college, pondering great thoughts of great import. 

The lovely daughter packs her books, her clothes, her frisbee, and heads out to places Midwest to begin her college adventure. 

The rest of us remain to begin the great journey  of a new school year. Creative child illustrates, composes, writes poetry, and begins to apply to the seminary with a will! 

Dancing child has moved up to Ballet I and is part of the Arabian Chorus of the Nutcracker Ballet and is ecstatic! 

Action Child goes to an actual school for the first time, begins fall soccer, and never stops moving! 
Young Child is not so young anymore. He is in the 6th grade, obsesses on the St. Louis Cardinals, and reads many books. He will study the Romans this year with abandon! 
Dad works hard, puns, and makes Italian dishes in the kitchen! Mom sighs at all those who are gone from Hobbiton, yet hails their courage and spirit as they go forth to conquer the world in each their own way. Thus begins the new school year of 2013...........

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