Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sing Muse of the Marvelous PEACH

We made a "last week of Peach season" dash to Eckert's Farm to pick peaches and enjoy a beautiful Saturday.  It is so wonderful to get on the wagon behind the tractor and drive over to the orchard.  
Once off the wagon and down the rows of trees, the silence of the sky and the air descend  like a gentle blanket of quiet that covers all the senses.  
It gives one the impractical notion that it would be entirely possible to just live among the trees for the rest of life, and never go back to the city. 

Of course, this notion is rudely interrupted by shouts of children calling from other rows that they found the BIG one, the JUCIEST one, the PRETTIEST one. And correct they would be on all counts.  Peaches are absolutely on fire with that orange that defies description.  It glows like embers on the skin in places and then is so pale in others.  Even the inside looks like it swallowed an evening sunset.    

Thoughtful Child spent his time saving perfectly lovely peaches from an untimely death on the ground under the trees, as Dancing Child looked on with the horror of citified notions of hygiene. 
The Lovely Daughter and Creative Child stockpiled shamelessly and ate as they went (which is always allowed on Peach picking excursions).  
Active Child tried to pick high up,


and Young Child was interested in getting to the middle of the trees where the peaches might be hidden.  

We enjoyed ourselves immensely!  We watched the clouds and wandered among the trees and filled our boxes full.  Then, the tractor beckoned and we said good-bye to the marvelous, quiet orchard and made our way back home.  It was a wonderful way to end the summer vacation......and the taste of peaches keeps the memory of that happy afternoon lingering on.    

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