Thursday, August 15, 2013

God forgive me, I love it so!

                Well, it isn't warfare that I love so much - it's
                      DIRECTING THEATRE!!!


Here are some photos of my favorite moments from the plays I have directed.......


Charley's Aunt


 Amy Spettigue, Ella, Donna Lucia, and Kitty Verdun

The gentleman  - Frank Chesney, Charley, Brasset, Jack, and Stephen Spettigue

Part of the Patchwork crowd

by Oscar Wilde

Algie and Jack philosophize on women.
Jack tells Gwendolyn the awful truth.

GET SMART - by Mel Brooks

"We're bugged, Chief!"

"99-86, baseball scores are never that high....wait 99?"

"Ya killin' me!"

JULIUS CAESAR - by William Shakespeare

BFF'S  (maybe????)

The girls

Singing along at the forum

Insanity backstage

Three smiling Romans

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