Monday, June 16, 2014

A Ukelele Father's Day

Long, long ago, in a galaxy far far away, Tony and I were newlyweds.  He brought to the marriage one very loud Hawaiian shirt complete with gigantic white flowers on a neon blue background.  Any wife out there can understand why that shirt was mysteriously spirited away inside a plastic garbage bag to the nearest thrift store to be seen no more.  Well, Eldest Child has recently proclaimed to me that I have earned the right after all these years,  to indulge my long dormant  penchant for flowey , hippy skirts and blingey blouses.  It made me think rather guiltily about that poor Hawaiian shirt I sent away long ago.  And then the Father's Day muse hit me and with the help of savvy Youngest Child we went on line and ordered a Hawaiian Shirt and an Australian straw hat to surprise Tony.  
Now, being quite the theatrical family, we decided on a THEME.
And so, Ukelele Father's Day was born.  The good old Dollar Store came in quite handy as this year, quite by coincidence, they had stocked up on Luau merchandise.  We had a great time decorating and cooking up breakfast complete with a Drum solo by Creative Child on the empty Oat Meal box and an impromptu dance. 

Active Child looks so happy as it is very early in the morning and he was blasted out of bed for the occasion.  

This man has never gone without shoes in his life.  So, we had to get it on film that Ukelele Father's Day just went to his head and he busted loose with those bare feet!


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