Friday, June 13, 2014


Alas, I haven't written on this blog for almost two months.  I had great intentions.........but then came the spring play.........8th grade graduation..............High School Graduation..............parties galour.......a vacation to the Lake.........returning children from far and, the blog slipped to the last place on the priority line.  However,  I am back, having survived the craziest time of the school year and was able to sit on my back porch yesterday morning with my coffee to enjoy birds and the breeze in my face!  Summer has come!  I will send out posts highlighting our busy but happy times in the last few months.

First....a great Lent that turned into a great Easter.  On Good Friday we went in search of the approaching and creeping hope of spring.  It was everywhere on the trail that day peeking out from the underbrush and shyly decking out the mostly bare branches.  It was a quiet, thoughtful day and nature joined us in the hush of the woods and in many places signs of the CROSS.

Our Fearless Leader, speaking softly but carrying a big stick.

This reminded me of The Story of Three Trees storybook .  Also of Jesus hanging between two thieves

An instance of Nature imitating Art?


The owners of these shoes are very much like the shoes they wear!

Hardly seen, these incredible little flowers are a symbol to me of our lives.  Seek not to be seen by men and the world, but to be known by God.  And He knows where to find us because He put us there.

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