Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Secret Life Within

On our vacation to the Lake, we took a tour of a cave that rests right next to the water.    It was a fascinating study, for me, of the inner life.  For centuries and centuries all this beauty hidden in the dark and formed by the slow, steady drip of mineral waters.  All of this underground.  It does give one pause to meditate on the slow working of God in our souls.....unseen...........undetected by us sometimes.  We tend to wonder if anything is going on in our souls with the mysterious power that is the Holy Spirit blowing where He will. It was told to us by the tour guide that if we touched the stalagtites with our hands the oils from our skin would halt the growth of the formations there.  So, too, in our souls we would like to meddle and do things our way.  Then all the beauty is retarded.........warped.   Oh, the hidden, humble, painstaking workings of God in our souls.  This cave trip gave me a renewed Faith that even though we hardly see any of it, God is at work, and BEAUTY is formed.  And sometimes God turns on the light for a moment and we see glimpses of that astounding work and we are hushed into marveling!

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