Friday, July 11, 2014

Seven Quick Takes

Seven Quick Takes

1. I really love saints who are not well known.  We have met some in our daily saint readings who are incredible.  Here are a few.  Look them up and you will see what I mean.  Let me know what you think.  I'd love to hear.

St. Anthony Zaccaria

St. Ephraim (Thoughtful Child's Confirmation Saint)

2. We have a beautiful little gem of a chapel to which we sometimes go for Noon Mass.  My children affectionately call it the "Sideways Church" as it used to be the choir for the seminary here.  The pews face each other as the seminarians prayed the Divine Office in common.  I always find peace in this little chapel.  

3.  My French Canadian Mom had a saying when we were growing up:  "Ah, c'est une face mobile "(I am sure I fractured the spelling there, and I am sure this is some kind of French Canadian slang).  But in essence, and loosely translated, this saying means a person who wears their feelings on their face with an eye toward producing  laughter in others.  I happen to have many of those faces in my home.  Not a one is a shy, retiring type. Here are a few prime examples of the "face mobile".

4.  Pickles.  I canned them myself.  Yes, me, city girl just got up an canned some pickles.  It was absolutely fun, doable, and not scary at all.

5.  It is mid July in St. Louis and my flowers aren't dead from the heat!  This is a wondrous miracle marvelous to behold.  I had to take pictures to record the truth.

6. Our dishwasher died two weeks ago and we are, oh horror, having to wash the dishes by hand. Yes, I know, definitely a First World problem.   It has actually been interesting - like going back to the early days of marriage in the tiny city apartment with just a sink and stove.  Also brought back my long dormant expertise in the little known Olympic sport of dish stacking.  I'd forgotten the joy of the challenge. This is perhaps a 9.7 as I am out of practice.   But, alas, I cannot lie:   JOY, the new dishwasher arrives today.  I have to admit it, I LOVE my dishwasher.

7. Spices.  I love spices and herbs.  So, yesterday I got to spend my afternoon at Penseys Spice shop with a twenty dollar gift card from my birthday burning a hole in my pocket.  Youngest child came with me and we oohh'd  and we ahh'd and we made the following choices.  We also got a FREE jar of cumin.  Wee!

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